While most large city petrol stations have customised canopies over their forecourts, there are other areas that could probably do with some awning or canopy treatment from Total Cover Awnings and Shade.

At Total Cover Shade and Shelter, we’re all about LISTENING to you. We’ll try to ensure you’ll end up with what you’re wanting, needing and even dreamed of for your area.

Our team at Total Cover have more than 20 years’ experience combined, and we aim to give you a ‘WoW’ experience every time.

We’re all about ‘saving lives’ by protecting you and your customers.

Shade and Weather Solutions for Petrol and Service Stations

Typical awning and shade requests from service stations include:

  • Advertising and shade awnings in front of the garage area
  • Shade over the tyre filling and vacuuming area
  • Advertising and shade coverings over side windows and night pay windows

Fixed Frame Awnings and Canopiesfixed frame pvc canopies - Petrol Stations

Canopies and awnings give character to a building, provide shelter from sun and rain, and can be sign-written with your company name and logo making it easy for clients to find.

We custom design, manufacture and install a full range of canopies and awnings to cater for your service station needs.

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petrol station wedge awnings - Petrol StationsWedge Awnings

For factory areas, awnings provide shelter from sun and rain and can be sign-written with your company name and logo making your business easy for clients to find.

Whatever the size wedge awning you require, we can custom design, manufacture and install one that will benefit your clients and your business.

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retractableshade sail - Petrol StationsRetractable Awnings

We custom design, manufacture and install a full range of retractable awnings that are easily folded away when not in use.

Our range of retractable awnings can come automated for complete ease of use. These are a great solution to shade you, it looks great and retracts back out of view.

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cafe shade sails - Petrol StationsShade Sails

The words ‘shade sail’ often bring to mind that large green sail at the local school. A Total Cover Shade Sail can be far more classy than that. We have a range of colours and will custom design a size and shape to fit your factory outdoor area.

Please note: we only install onto your existing poles to your commercial setting.

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residential deck screens - Petrol StationsDrop Down Screens, Fixed Panels and Curtains

There are many reasons why you might want a heavy-duty drop-down screen, fixed panel or curtain/screen in your Service Station, for instance, to separate dusty areas from clean air areas or food processing areas from storage areas. Create an outdoor closed in eating area for your team.

Whatever the reason, Total Cover Shade and Shelter has an extensive range of materials that can be fashioned into a screen that will meet the needs of your Service Station.

Our drop down curtains and screens are easily rolled up when required. We even have automated screens.

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