You want your restaurant or bar to be a place where people come to relax and stay a while. The way to get them to stay is by making sure the temperature is just right, and that means as weathertight as possible in the winter, and shady and cool in the summer.

Shade and Weather Solutions for Your Restaurant and Bar

At Total Cover Shade and Shelter, we’re all about LISTENING to you. We’ll try to ensure you’ll end up with what you’re wanting, needing and even dreamed of for your area.

Our team at Total Cover Shade and Shelter have more than 20 years’ experience combined, and we aim to give you a ‘WoW’ experience every time.

We’re all about ‘saving lives’ by protecting you and your family.

restaurants bars retractable awning - Restaurants & BarsRetractable Awnings

We custom design, manufacture and install a full range of retractable awnings that are easily folded away when not in use.

Our range of retractable awnings can come automated for complete ease of use. These are a great solution to shade you, it looks great and retracts back out of view.

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Screens, Fixed Panels and Curtainsscreen burger fuel - Restaurants & Bars

Drop down café screens and fixed panels can be the difference between a cosy café that people love to meet friends at or a wind-tunnel that people avoid.

Total Cover Shade and Shelter has a range of screens that can provide great protection to your cafe. We have a range of colours but, for cafés, we use predominantly high quality, weather-resistant clear PVC which allows outside light in and views out, or sunshade mesh to block out the sun and still provide a view looking out but not in. We also custom make fixed panels in mesh or PVC that act like a fabric window.

Our drop down curtains and screens are easily rolled up when required. We even have automated screens.

Check out our range.

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fixed frame 460 - Restaurants & BarsFixed Frame Awnings & Canopies

For a strong and robust roof for your restaurant or bar, you can’t go past a Fixed Frame Canopy or Tensioned Membrane Structure with either PVC or polycarbonate roofing. A Total Cover Shade and Shelter Canopy provides additional outdoor dining space with protection from the rain and harmful UV rays. It looks great over your restaurant or bar outdoor area.

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wedge shade 460 - Restaurants & BarsWedge Shaped Canopies

The addition of a wedge canopy to a restaurant or bar can make your premises stand out from those around it. Not only that, the shade and rain protection it provides will draw customers into your restaurant or bar.

Whatever the size awning or canopy you require, we can custom design, manufacture and install one that will benefit your customers and your business.

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residential courtyard pergola roofs - Restaurants & BarsRetractable Pergola Roofs

For our most upmarket premium product look no further if you’re wanting protection but also an open space. At the push of a button, you can do just that. The Omega retractable pergola roof is state of the art European technology and even comes with full LED lighting.

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wave shade 02 460 - Restaurants & BarsWave Shade – for Pergola Living

The Wave Shade is the ideal solution to your existing timber pergola or as a complete structure from Total Cover Shade and Shelter. It looks styly and even a bit romantic while doing the job of protecting you.

We use high-grade sunshade mesh and stainless steel fixings. It is manually operated.

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cafe shade sails - Restaurants & BarsShade Sails

The words “shade sail” often bring to mind that large green sail at the local school. A Total Cover Shade Sail can be far more classy than that. We have a range of colours and will custom design a size and shape to fit your restaurant or bar.

Please note: we only install onto your existing posts to your home or commercial setting.

We even have Retractable Shade Sails that can be drawn back when you’d prefer full sunlight or if bad weather is coming. See our shade range too.

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Wanting a more permanent shade structure? Click here.

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