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A retractable awning is a great solution to provide sun protection for your patio, terrace, deck, balcony outdoor entertainment area, café or restaurant – and, because retractable awnings require no supporting frames or posts, they leave the area below totally free from obstruction. With a Retractable Awning you control the amount of shade that you require. They are used primarily for shade, but they can be adjusted to help with light rain protection when the correct angle is installed.  The team at Total Cover Shade and Shelter can provide expert advice on this. Our awnings come crank handle operated or fully automated. Some ranges even come with LED lighting. The wiring is not included and needs to be wired in by a certified electrician. We recommend self-monitoring your retractable awning, but you can also add a rain and wind sensor if required. We recommend when not within eyesight of your awning to bring it in if you are away from the site to ensure it doesn’t get caught in heavy wind gusts or rain. Enquire Now
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The points below outline the benefits of installing a Retractable Awning at your place or business:

  • Great UV protection from our summer sun, protecting you and your family
  • Reduces fading of furniture indoors and out.
  • Reduces timber floor damage from harsh UV rays.
  • Reduces glare
  • Keeps out the heat
  • Looks great on your home or commercial property
  • We have a large range of fabrics to choose from to create an amazing look

Total Cover Shade and Shelter offer a range retractable awning styles:

  • Santana Classic
  • Santana Comfort
  • Fetuna Full Cassette
  • The Integral
See the individual product pages for more information to help choose your preferred style. Ask us about our readymade options which we have available for supply only.  They come in standard colours and sizes.

Total Cover is exclusive suppliers and installers of: